Sunday, March 2, 2014

#3 - Pennsylvania

To be perfectly honest, I'm drawing a blank as to why I chose Pennsylvania as the third state I visited. My guess is because my other aunt and uncle currently live there so it made sense after my Virginia post. I'm racking my brain trying to recall a memory of visiting there before my aunt and uncle moved there.

I've never been to Hershey Park or Amish country or Pittsburgh or other places for which Pennsylvania is known.

I have been to Elizabethtown and Philadelphia multiple times and so I'll just write about those places.

My Aunt Janine and Uncle Tom used to live about ten minutes away from us. When I was in high school, my uncle got transferred to St. Louis (why I have been to Missouri) and then he got transferred again to Pennsylvania. Elizabethtown is adorable. It has a college in it that reminds me a lot of where I went and they have Turkey Hill stores which means yummy ice cream all the time. I haven't really explored the town too much past the college and the high school. My youngest cousin performed in "High School Musical" while I was in college so it turned into a road trip with my roommate, a friend from school, and one of my other cousins. I should probably tour that place a little more.

My favorite city in PA is Philadelphia. Cheesesteaks from South Street? Yes please. One time I went and for some reason the only outerwear I had was a Redskins hoodie. I most certainly turned it inside out and wore it around the city. The zoo in Philly is cute. You know what else is cute? The King of Prussia Mall. By cute I obviously mean humongous. While technically not actually in Philly, it's close enough that most people assume it is. One of my previous jobs held my training in King of Prussia. I spent many evenings of those 3 weeks walking around that mall.

The last city that I've spent memorable time in is Johnstown. My sister-in-law is from there so I spent a fun filled Saturday there at a winery and out to eat at hibachi. I also spent a weekend up there for the wedding.

I clearly haven't been to nearly a fraction of the places that PA has to offer. You would think with my undying love of chocolate that I would've at least gone to Hershey Park. Maybe I'll try to remedy that this year.

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